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Mon-Fri, 7am-10pm ET

Free Webinar: How to Best Invest in Digital Marketing in 2023

Jan 17, 2023

12:00 PM ET

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A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can have a big impact on your business. But where do you start?

Right here!
Hiscox presents 'How to Best Invest in Digital Marketing in 2023', a free webinar from Marketing360. In this webinar, we will discuss the best channels, and the order in which to invest in them, to see the best results.

We will cover:

Brand marketing


Inbound Search - Local Search Ads, Maps Ads, Search, Shopping

Targeted Outbound - FB/IG/IL/YT Targeting Specific Audiences

Shotgun Outbound - TV, Billboards, Radio, Podcast, etc.

Register now for this business-building webinar.

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